Special Programs
golfer Golfers

Many of our clients are avid golfers. Unfortunately too many of them suffer from hip, back, and shoulder pain. Our program focuses on identifying weaknesses, and correcting them through stretching, strengthening, and postural exercises. This includes simulating and strengthening correct movement patterns, as well as a general conditioning program that will reduce injuries, and improve performance on the course.

senior Senior Fitness Programs

The goal of our program is to assist active seniors in improving their joint motion, strength, flexibility, and balance. Numerous studies have shown that improved fitness reduces the incidence of falls, osteoporosis and the general deconditioning that occurs with the aging process. We begin with a thorough evaluation, and based on our findings, design an individualized program which can be carried out at home or in a health club.

injury Pre & Post-Operative Programs

The ultimate goal of surgeries such as total joint replacements, rotator cuff repair, and ACL reconstruction, is to minimize pain, stiffness, and complications, while maximizing function. Prior to surgery we perform an evaluation of range of motion, strength, and pain. We answer your questions and help you understand what you can expect after surgery, as well as providing an exercise program that will give you the best chance for a successful outcome. Following your surgery, we will perform a complete re-evaluation, implement a treatment program, and guide you through each step of the rehabilitation process until you have achieved your goals of maximum range of motion, strength, and pain-free function.

runners Sports Specific Exercise Programs

Different sports and activities require different types of conditioning and skills. Our programs are individualized and assist athletes of all ages in developing the strength, flexibility, and conditioning necessary to prevent injuries and achieve success. Our philosophy is that you should get fit to take up a sport, not take up a sport to get fit.